Bieradventskalender 2015, Day 4

I haven’t had an advent calendar of my own since I was a kid and we had the green felt wall-hanger adorned with yarn ties to which my parents attached Brach’s peppermints or—appallingly—butterscotch candies. Every year now we buy advent calendars filled with chocolate for our own children. They open a little cardboard door each day and eat a piece of candy shaped like something Christmas-y. But I haven’t gotten my own, because I don’t really have a huge sweet tooth. Finally, though, as Mikey Walsh might say, now it’s my time.

Please welcome to the stage: BeerAdvent® Calendar 2015!

Photo of Beer Advent Calendar 2015
Possibly available now at your local CostCo.

Publiner Dunkles Exportbier

Can of Publiner

Dunkel. Dunkel dunkel dunkel. I like dunkel. Or, in this case, ‘dunkles’. Covered with green and a shamrock, this is definitely the most interesting-_looking_ can so far. And guess what? It’s another beer from the fine folks at Herrnbräu! This is apparently an Irish-style brown ale, and even says “Irish in the character” on the can. Regardless of what it says, I liked it. I liked it a lot. In fact, it’s my favorite so far. It was kind of “nutty” in flavor, and had just the right bitterness for me. It was much, much darker than anything so far, and kind of hit the sweet spot for most of the beers that I like.

Over at RateBeer, my buddy maxwelldeux is one of only two folks that rated this one, and he gave it a 3.3. Otherwise, there wasn’t much interesting to say about it, I guess. No clever quotes, no long critiques in German for me to copy-and-paste without bothering to translate. Oh, well.

Day four beer was definitely the best beer (so far):

  1. Day Four—Publiner Dunkles Exportbier
  2. Day One—Alpen Stoff
  3. Day Three—Hernnbräu Tradition Festbier
  4. Day Two—Grandl Helles Lagerbier

Next up is a hefeweissen, which is a wheat beer. I like those, so we’ll see how this one holds up.

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