go [04.11.99]

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i wasn't going to go to the movies this weekend. there didn't seem to be anything worth seeing, and it would be better to save the $4 for something like gas or electricity. but then I was reminded (from some source or another; maybe on TV?) that Go is the new movie from the guy who made Swingers. i remembered how much I enjoyed that film, and decided I just had to check this one out.

this guy knows how to put a film together. i felt like every second of time on-screen was used wisely; nothing was wasted on anything that didn't pertain to the story or characterization. there was a definite style, and interesting camera work that didn't distract from the film. It struck me that he was somehow able to invoke the feeling of Mtv/shotgun editing without actually resorting to Michael Bay-ness. it worked.

a little about the plot. the beginning premise of the "main" plot is that this cashier chick at a grocery store is getting evicted at Christmastime, and she needs at least $380 to pay her rent. she agrees to work some british guy's shift to earn some extra cash, and this is more or less the starting point for at least three different stories. all three are told, one after the other, but they all occur simultaneously in the timeline of the movie. one of those Pulp Fiction/Resovoir Dogs things. there's a bunch of stuff that happens with drugs, a rave in some warehouse somewhere, and Vegas (an almost totally different Vegas than in Swingers. a lot darker.). i don't want to say too much, because a big part of the fun is watching the stories unfold. Instead of just being three different sides to the same story, they are really three different stories that just happen to cross paths. and it works better all told separately than it would if cut together chronologically.

not only is it a fun ride, but it makes some interesting social commentary. the "main" chick, Ronna, is 17, but she's living on her own and doesn't seem to have a mom or dad. at least not a mom or dad that would come to visit her in the hospital. and there's a bit with some kid in Vegas who is left in the hotel room while his mom and dad are out gambling. whee-ha. and of course he's watching pornos. there's probably a lot more that this film says about the whole rave party/drug culture aspect of things, but since i'm not of that world i'd better stay away from it.

the reason i liked this film, though, is not its social relevance. it's the crazy stuff that happens which i never would have expected. it's got as many twists and surprises as Very Bad Things, another film that happens to be about Vegas, drugs, and crazy stuff that you would never expect to happen. i mean, i never expected a mind-reading cat or a discussion of the Family Circus comic worthy of any Kevin Smith film. in spite of the wackiness, however, it all works. i didn't find myself questioning the reality of events (after all, it is a movie) but accepting them as a matter of course. it's always entertaining when a filmmaker can take a story set in the "real" world and make unreal things seem normal.

on the surface it seems like your normal teenagers-on-a-rampage flick, but underneath is a quality film by one of the best new talents in the industry.

quoth the kitty -- "you're going to die."

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