Pandemic Dreams Volume Three

The pandemic dreams have continued. I don’t remember them all, nor do I remember to jot down notes about the ones that I do, but I’ve been trying to keep track. Here are three more that meet the threshold of interest and memory. Here is the first collection and the second post, which was a longer description of a single, extremely vivid dream.

Old Lady’s Mansion

I couldn’t recall how my wife and I got into this situation, but we were living in an old lady’s mansion. I don’t think she was around anymore; it seemed like an estate situation. She somehow left her home and fortune to us. More precisely, she endowed some sort of foundation that included supporting us in its mandate.

In any case, it was a very large house with many rooms, and what amounted to various apartments in which various tenants lived their lives. The entire building was decorated in a manner which one might expect of an generic “dream-land old lady”: all pastels and flowers and general Golden Girls chic. There was a full-size commercial kitchen operated nearly twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, churning out pastries for breakfast and all sorts of food the rest of the day. One of the old lady’s wishes, apparently, was to feed all the local children hot dogs for lunch every day. There was a massive hot-dog-distributing operation in place, of which the two of us were beneficiaries.

Along with providing our vital sustenance, the kitchen staff seemed to be constantly pushing booze on us. All of the booze, however, was wine, and so I declined. I don’t like wine, generally speaking—even in my dreams—and even though it was free and appeared to be very good wine, I wasn’t going to change my tastes just to be polite.

Wearing Another Gamer’s Skin

I logged onto Destiny—a video game I haven’t played for several months—and realized I had somehow logged into another player’s account mid-activity. I had to learn their existing armor and weapon loadout, and figure out how to cooperate with the fireteam (without voice chat) to complete the in-game goals. Once the activity was over, I felt compelled to leave the fireteam as soon as possible such that they wouldn’t discover I was no longer the friend they had started playing with. I was stressed out about how embrarrassing that would be.

Jake & the Fox & the Hound

While doing work in the back yard of my dream house—not to be confused with my dream house—I had left a ladder leaning up against the wall so that I could reach the second-story roof. As one does when puttering around doing home maintenance, I got distracted and forgot about it. I realized Jake—our nervous dog in real life as well as in my dreams—was chasing a fox around the yard. I didn’t think much of the barking at first; he barks when people just walk down the sidewalk outside the house, after all. Eventually I realized the barking had stopped, and when I looked around for Jake, I couldn’t find him. I remembered my ladder and looked up at the roof. Jake, the fox, and some other dog that I assume was our extra dream dog were hanging out up there, enjoying the sun and the cool spring breeze.

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