Scott's Wish List

Everybody wants some. I want some, too.

Items are not presented in any particular order of preference.

Philmont Trek 2019

I'm heading to Philmont Scount Ranch with the Boy Scouts next summer, and I still have quite a bit of gear I need to acquire to make my trek more successful. I tend not to prioritize things I want, but if you're of the mindset that you want to get me something truly useful, this may be the place to start. Most of this will be useful for camping in general, anyway. If none of this seems like a gift you'd like to give, but you still want to help out, monetary assistance will also be greatly appreciated.


T-shirt size is typically M (medium), unless otherwise specified.

Tools, etc.


Hardbacks, please, unless unavailable or otherwise specified.

Gadgets, Etc.


If you can buy Xbox games for me digitally, that is preferred (so I can share them with the other Xbox in the house).

Movies (Blu-Ray)

If you can't decide, gift cards are also welcome: Indochino, Alamo Drafthouse, Amazon, Target, Gamestop, Madness Games & Comics. Also, beer 🍺. There's also my Amazon wishlist, but I don't always keep that up-to-date so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.