Bieradventskalender 2015, Day 5

I haven’t had an advent calendar of my own since I was a kid and we had the green felt wall-hanger adorned with yarn ties to which my parents attached Brach’s peppermints or—appallingly—butterscotch candies. Every year now we buy advent calendars filled with chocolate for our own children. They open a little cardboard door each day and eat a piece of candy shaped like something Christmas-y. But I haven’t gotten my own, because I don’t really have a huge sweet tooth. Finally, though, as Mikey Walsh might say, now it’s my time.

Please welcome to the stage: BeerAdvent® Calendar 2015!

Photo of Beer Advent Calendar 2015
Possibly available now at your local CostCo.

Huber Weisses Original

Can of Huber Weisses Original

As much as I love dunkel beers, I also love wheat bears. And back-to-back with the Irish-style ale I had yesterday, this one was definitely refreshing. There was a crisp, sweet bite, with a lot of the citrus that I normally associate with wheat beers. It was light in both color and taste. It was a very nice contrast to its predecessor, and the proximity to my presiding favorite on the list made it a challenge to rank. Mostly, I’m just glad that these beers haven’t been on a straight downhill slide in quality as I move through the calendar. Because if the frankly mediocre Alpen Stoff had been the high point, I imagine by December 24 I’d be taking a sniff, pouring out the cans, then drinking something else entirely.

So what do the nerds say? maxwelldeux gives it a solid 3.2 on RateBeer, with commentary like “Nose is a bit yeasty…” and “…a hint of clove in there…”. I guess I can see that. Bieradventskalender “cheater” chinchill drank his Huber Weisses Original way back on November 5, and says “Primarily yeast and wheat with banana” among other things to justify his 3.4 rating. I don’t remember a banana taste, but he probably knows more than me since he’s posting on a website for beer nerds.

I haven’t really been saying much about the websites for these

It was a tough decision, especially with them coming back-to-back in the order, but I had to give the edge to the dunkel for first place so far:

  1. Day Four—Publiner Dunkles Exportbier
  2. Day Five—Huber Weisses Original
  3. Day One—Alpen Stoff
  4. Day Three—Hernnbräu Tradition Festbier
  5. Day Two—Grandl Helles Lagerbier

Next up is a hell of a beer…

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